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Episode 101: What About The Boy In China?
Episode 102: Why Was There A War In Heaven?
Episode 103: The Solar System And The Scriptures
Episode 104: Why Was The Priesthood Restricted?
Episode 105: What Happened To The Apostles?
Episode 106: Secret Names Of Angels
Episode 107: Why Do Christians Celebrate Halloween?
Episode 108: Atheists v Agnostics
Episode 109: Who Created Satan?
Episode 110: God's Multiple Methods Of Communication
Episode 111: Do You Really Want The Truth?
Episode 112: Was Adam Set Up To Fail?
Episode 113: Evolution v Creation
Episode 114: King Follett Discourse
Episode 115: **(Coming Soon)** The Queen of Heaven
Episode 116: **(Coming Soon)** Grace + Faith + Works
Episode 117: **(Coming Soon)** The Giants and the Nephilim
Episode 118: **(Coming Soon)** Prayer of Success
Episode 119: **(Coming Soon)** Transgender Bathrooms
Episode 120: **(Coming Soon)** Negative Interest Rates and Declining Birth Rates
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Timeline: Big Bang Theory and the Bible
Adding To The Bible
Science of Evolution and the Bible
Time Gaps of the Apostles' Writings
Solar System and the Scriptures
Third Heaven in the Bible?
Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons vs God, Jesus Christ, and H.G.
Book of Abraham Papyri
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Five Star Ratings from, and, and fan mail for John S. Pennington Jr.
I love your perspective: I gave your podcast #103 (the Solar System and the Scriptures) to an atheist friend of mine, and to my surprise he absolutely loved it!!! Now we are having continual conversations about God and Jesus Christ. Thanks so much for putting this audio book together. I absolutely love it!
From fan mail Mr. J. J. – September 2012

I am not a member of the LDS church and was looking for something that could help me learn more about their beliefs. This book (and the complimentary CD set that I also purchased) was very informative, fun, and engaging. It is written in such a way that you can read the chapters in any order so if there a particular question you are curious about you can go right to that chapter. Well worth the investment. 
From customer - CLS – August 13, 2016
John S. Pennington Jr. on has 175 total overall ratings with 
133 five-star ratings and 21 four-star ratings. 
I have listened to the whole book one time --- and several chapters I have listened to three and four times. The first time I was speed listening, and missed a bunch of details. I study a lot of LDS books, but this book has subjects that very few LDS writers ever discuss.
There is a half of a chapter on the “new name and secret names of angels” all referenced from the Bible. Quoting where Jesus himself also received a “new name”. I have read the Bible many times and missed this and I have never read any LDS author discuss this subject to this type of depth using only the Bible.
The chapter on the planets and the solar system compares the formation of Eve coming from Adam’s rib, which the author states is a piece of Adam… to the formation of our Moon coming from a piece of the Earth. When the Earth was hit by a very large asteroid billions of years ago and a piece of the Earth broke off and formed the Moon. This is a really unique concept that the author uses and backs it up with science.
Another very detailed, and very interesting comparison is the analogy of Neutrons, Protons and Electrons compared to God, Jesus and the HG….and how those three things made everything in the universe. I had to listen to this several times to finally get all the hidden meanings.
I never knew that Joseph Smith taught that an “eternity” was 2.555 billion years long. A set period of time. This was extremely interesting. I loved discovering this fact in this book.
I have read the Bible cover to cover many times. But this book finds Bible scripture after Bible scripture that I never knew was even in the Bible, or I must have read over them many times in the past but never related their significance to the LDS gospel.
But this is the kicker and why I recommend this book!!! --- I have studied for years and years about the Garden of Eden and what went on there, as it is very confusing. However, this book has an entire chapter ----- and is the VERY BEST ANSWER THAT I HAVE EVER READ on this subject. It is the most thorough --- scripture based --- and most logical answer I have ever heard. If you purchase the book just to listen to that one chapter alone, it will be worth it. 

From an listener - P.H. – December 29, 2016
Why Did I Write 
Big Bang Theory vs The Bible?
What's Inside Big Bang Theory vs The Bible?
Big Bang Theory vs. The Bible has a truly unique comparison between two seemingly opposite perspectives. It brings religion and science together by using the truths of The Big Bang Theory, evolution, astronomy, mathematics, statistical probabilities and the solar system. It reconciles the calendar of the creation recorded in the book of Genesis with the calendar of The Big Bang Theory, as the two calendars perfectly and mathematically correlate. It discusses the controversy in science today on how life actually began on Earth, with the book of Genesis stating that life came from the ground or dust of the ground and evolution stating that the human race can trace its lineage back to a pile of tiny rocks. It will analyze the creative power of neutrons, protons and electrons vs. God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost. It relates the history of this solar system with the Moon’s creation compared to the creation of Eve in the book of Genesis. It shows that over 2000 years ago the apostle John predicted 21st-century technology that may be dangerous to Christians. After reading The Big Bang Theory vs. The Bible, you’ll be asking yourself, does the Bible validate The Big Bang Theory or does The Big Bang Theory validate the Bible as non-fiction? The authors perspective uses logical fact patterns that enables true intellect.
I realized years ago that within the United States many churches, including my own, were seeing a decline in attendance of their young people. This statistic was certainly true of people 15 to 30 years of age. And after some research, I came to the conclusion that in most instances, lack of participation was because they could not reconcile science and the gospel. 

Their knowledge of science just did not fit within their perspective and knowledge of religion. I know this because I used to be one of these people. Christianity has a vast number of different sects and even if you do not exactly agree with my particular perspective on Christ and his gospel … I still believe my website, audio and visual presentations and commentary can help any Christian reconcile science and religion. Bringing both sides into harmony. 
About The Author
John S. Pennington Jr.
About the author: John S. Pennington Jr. was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints at age 17, soon after – he served a full-time mission in the state of Alabama, attended Brigham Young University and later graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelor’s degree in economics.
In business, John S. Pennington Jr. in 2008, co-founded a family of private equity funds that by the year 2021 grew to well over $28 billion of Assets Under Management (“AUM”). 

Bridge Investment Group (“BRDG”) completed an Initial Public Offering (“IPO”) on the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”) in 2021. John retired from the company that same year and obtained “Partner Emeritus” status at BRDG with no day-to-day responsibilities. 

 He credits the incredible growth of the company ($0 to $28 billion) to his brilliant business partners, some of whom have also retired or are still running the company today.

In 2004 and 2007 he co-founded Bridge Loan Capital Fund I and Bridge Loan Capital Fund II. He co-founded multiple companies in the U.S.A. Canada, Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico, Spain and Germany. He also served on the advisory board for the Westminster College School of Business in Salt Lake City, Utah and a former director of fund raising for Utah Special Olympics.
Brother Pennington was born in Nashville, Tennessee, raised in Las Vegas, Nevada and married his wife, Jane Olsen in the Cardston, Alberta, Canada Temple. 

They have three sons, two daughter-in-law’s and five grandchildren. He has served as first and second counselor in several bishoprics and is currently a high priest. In 2010 he authored and published an audiobook series entitled Mr. Mormon, which has become a missionary favorite.
John and Jane Pennington - 2009
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Below Are Some of the Excerpts from the Hundreds of Messages and Letters we have Received

Dear Brother Pennington...

“I want to thank you for strengthening my testimony and my knowledge of the restored gospel! I am a brand new convert & am strengthened by others testimonies and love for the truth. I love that you reference the Bible. It will help as I try to get my father who is a Baptist Pastor to believe why I have made the decision to join the Church. I have hope my family will see the light & truth in my life and one day seek the true gospel! I am excited for your upcoming chapters to come! Thank you!”
— Sister L.N. of Vail Colorado
— Elder A.C. of Ventura California
“My companion and I listened to the 1st chapter on the way to the appointment. It was very inspirational and surprisingly helped us a lot with answering some of the questions we got from our investigator…. Thanks again. ”
“You are like “John the Beloved”. He had a gift for writing and so do you… He wrote the book of Revelation and you have been inspired in your writings… You have a special gift of expressing your thoughts…thanks for inspiring me to have the desire to study and learn. ”
— Sister O. of Alberta Canada
— Sister L.O. of Lisbon, Portugal
“John helped answer so many questions about Adam, Eve and Satan. He helped me see things from a totally different perspective! He has opened my mind up to numerous possibilities! Thank you John!"
“I am a missionary in the Houston, Texas Mission and received your CD's unexpectedly about a month ago. When I got your audio-book I was struggling a bit with my companion. He’d acquired some doubts concerning some doctrines of the Church. The doubts had grown so much that he had called the Mission President to finalize his decision to return home after eight months of service. I had tried every trick in the book to help him. I have been exposed to a lot of critiques of the church and their literature, so I thought I’d be able to help him when the Mission President asked me if I would try to help him stay on his mission. The hand of God was heavily involved, but I want to let you know that your commentary was an immense factor with my companion’s decision to stay on his mission. We are still together tearing it up out here doing the Lord’s work. I really enjoyed the CDs you sent and have full intentions of buying the remainder of your work when I return home in another month. Every missionary serving in the south should hear your work. I don’t know how I was selected as the recipient of your gift, but I definitely know why. Elder C. Houston Texas Mission
— Elder J.D. of Louisville, Kentucky
— Elder I.C of Yorkshire England
“Hello Brother Pennington, I am a young English convert who has just returned from serving a mission in the England London South Mission. I came across your audio sermons during my service and just wanted to email you to thank you for publishing them. They have been a great help to me in my quest to understand the Plan of Salvation and my part in it. I believe that one key to being able understand doctrine is being able to organize it and that is what you have helped me do.”
“I have loved listening to these gospel discussions… I can incorporate these great teachings into my missionary discussions.”
— Elder N.C. of Omaha, Nebraska
— Brother T.R. of Sandy Utah
“I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed listening to your various chapters in your audio-book. They are insightful, interesting, and inspiring. They make me want to be better. You have done a great job. ”
"I especially wanted to simply thank you for your chapter on “God’s methods of communication”. What you said about prayer and the point of asking “how can do this?” or “how can I be better” has been the long awaited answer to my prayers. I had been so lost and confused as to why God wasn’t’ answering my prayers in the way I wanted and why my prayers began to have no effect on me. What you said in that chapter ultimately changed my life. I can now see the power of prayer and Gods’ desire to help me so much more present in my life. So thank you, I can’t emphasize that enough..."
— Elder A D Alpine Mission
— Bishop S.H. England U.K.
“I don’t know where you get the time to do such a great project. It ignites good thought patterns and desires to know more about our Father’s mind and will, and for that I thank you. ”
“I have listened to podcast 112 and liked it. You helped me look at the story of Adam from a different perspective. I’m looking forward to podcast 113!! ”
— Brother A. of New Zealand
— Elder D. of Spokane Washington
“I am enjoying your audio books quite a bit actually it has taught me a lot especially when it came to the Tribes of Israel and the priesthood… I am enjoying them very much and am looking forward to the next chapters coming out.. One of my companions had them and had me listen to them that is how i heard about it. ”
 I have been on my mission for a little over a year and your book has helped me to answer a few of the questions that I have had in the back of my mind. Sometimes people here ask us crazy questions and I find myself taking an hour to explain stuff trying to prove them wrong. But your book has helped me a ton know that “The simplest answer is always the best answer”. Thanks for writing that book. I hope that you will continue to keep sending it to other missionaries out in the field. Thanks for helping me to strengthen my testimony and to add to my knowledge of the gospel.
—Elder S. C. – Ghana Cape Cost Mission

— Elder S.R of Macon Georgia
“Thank You! Your CD’s are wonderful and were such a blessing. You have a special ability to teach and testify of the doctrine of Christ in a very clear way. ”
There has been this man that has been investigating the church for 18 years and has always had a problem with the 3 degrees of glory. The scriptures that you used in podcast 101 helped him out greatly. 
—Elder J. D. Kentucky Louisville Mission

Disclaimer: the content here in is the sole perspective of the author and in no way is any of this content being represented as any official view or doctrine of any church or religion. The author repeatedly says that he is not a Bible scholar but just enjoys discussing gospel topics. And therefore, he reserves the right to change his opinion and commentary on any subject at any time in the future.
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